Mastering People Pleasing to have an amazing birth

Women have been conditioned to be "people pleasers". This will always play out in pregnancy, labour and birth- from the people you choose to care for you, the tests you have, whether you accept intervention in labour..... people pleasing is the contrast between what you want in birth, and where you are now.

This course helps you unpack the people pleasing, will get you confident for birth, and make sure that your decision-making is about you and not pleasing those around you.

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"This is a huge one for me personally. I have always been a people pleaser. I am easily manipulated into situations that make me feel sad and angry (very wrong and uncomfortable), but knew not to show this."

"For me (everything described it this applies to me 100%) - I think I am beginning right at the start of my journey to move away from being a people pleaser. So I think it helps me to see this is something I can achieve, but there will be a lot of work to get there."