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With one in three women experiencing birth trauma, there is a need to help women heal, regain confidence, and reduce emotional and mental trauma symptoms of trauma. 

Whether you've experienced a disappointing birth, felt choice was taken away, disrespected or your right to bodily autonomy denied, these sessions are unique in the modalities, and for your individualized journey. 

Trauma is stored in our body and can keep us stuck in the fight, flight, freeze response. It's the state we're in, before our story. When we're in this heightened state of emotional arousal, the thinking part of our brain is offline, our ability to connect is limited, and our range to cope is reduced. 
In the 4-week Vagal Toning for Birth Trauma course, I cover a range of different somatic techniques to help your nervous system heal your birth trauma.  Overview in video below. 
And, link to full course ($19) here:


Vagal Toning for Birth Trauma overview

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