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With one in three women experiencing birth trauma, there is a need to help women heal, regain confidence, and reduce emotional and mental trauma symptoms of trauma. 

Whether you've experienced a disappointing birth, felt choice was taken away, disrespected or your right to bodily autonomy denied, these sessions are unique in the modalities, and for your individualized journey. 

These sessions are one-on-one and use a variety of mind-body therapies including

art therapy, EMDR, hypnosis and NLP. 

Working with our subconscious mind is a powerful way to heal, as it is where our innermost beliefs and memories are stored. It works faster than talk-type therapies, and protects women from the emotional dis-harmony experienced through retelling traumatic events. 

alecia staines logo swatch.png

Face-to-face sessions for Birth Trauma Healing are at Secrets from The Honey Tree or Coast Life Midiwifery (email for booking times).

Online session are via Zoom, with recordings optional (I send on request). This can be useful if you'd like to replay the hypnosis session. 

Free 15 minute phone consult for you to ask questions and provide some insight into your preferences of modality. 

1 session $80 | 3 session $200

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