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Spinning Babies...WT?

I get a few raised eyebrow when I speak to mothers about "Spinning Babies"...and I guess if I stepped out of the birth world for a moment, it does sound like we're trying to get these babies on a merry-go-round. Spinning Babies is more about turning a baby in-utero, into a position that is more favourable for birth. We know when well-positioned, there is a better feedback loop of oxytocin from the pressure of baby's head on the mother's cervix, labour progresses well, and it can be more comfortable for the labouring mother too.

There are daily activities which can optimise baby's positioning by optimising the space, balance and alignment within our womb and pelvis. Many of these activities are covered in Pregnancy Yoga (except for inverting, as I think inversions place far too much pressure on the broad ligament that joins our womb to the back of our pelvis. Once ligaments over-stretch, they don't go back to size!)

When there is balance in our soft tissue - our womb, muscles and ligaments- birth happens better. Baby can engage, rotate, navigate down the birth path more smoothly. Labour progresses faster and is more comfortable.

Spinning Babies is based on three principals: Balance, Gravity, Movement.

Balance is looking at our body being not too tight or too loose, helping to align the uterus and pelvis for better position of baby and an easier birth.

Gravity is referring to upright birthing positions that help our uterus align with gravity.

Movement is a specific movement or pattern of movements to align and stretch the muscles so they can relax.

I strongly suggest looking at their daily activity guide- take what resonates most with you. But, speaking from personal experience, those who practice yoga regularly (and pregnancy specific yoga), go for gentle walks and are mindful of their posture on and off the mat, definitely have an easier birthing experience. Physical preparation is just as important as our mental and emotional preparation.

You can find out more about Spinning Babies here:

The side-lying release mentioned is very similar to the yoga pose Natrajasana. Use props if you need to lessen the stretch whilst pregnant.

See below for the comprehensive daily "to do" list from Spinning Babies:

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