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Do you want to physically recover after baby, yet you know you could make your tummy muscle separation worse? 

Not all yoga is postnatal friendly and not all yoga will help you heal your posture after pregnancy, help your pelvic floor, correct tummy muscle separation and weak areas in your body. 


This 4 week course is specifically designed to deal with the changes pregnancy has bestowed on your body. 

Weekly content including videos, handouts, support emails and meditations. 


-appropriate movement and exercise and why you should be doing it 

-Tummy muscle separation  

- pelvic floor function and strengthening

- yoga poses to strengthen, balance and re-align your whole body system

- corrections for posture to help reduce discomfort and muscle compensation 

Free postpartum exercise "dos and don'ts" can be accessed here.


How much time will I need? 

The course is divided into manageable weekly units- covering posture, correcting breathing, strengthening, pelvic floor and diastasis recti (tummy muscle separation). 

There are handouts and weekly content to read, a short, 5 minute educational video, and a yoga sequence to focus on the week's topic (around 15 minutes). You should ideally practice the yoga several times a week and revise any content you need to consolidate. As a minimum, 25 minutes a week is desired. 

How much does it cost?

$19 for 90 days access (so you can revise after the course)

Is it self-paced?

You can go as fast as you like, but there are weekly topics with email support to remind you, revise content and help develop and maintain important changes in your body. 

Where will I find the course?


alecia staines logo swatch.png
alecia staines logo swatch.png

What you need to know about DR and how to measure it

Overview of 4 week postnatal yoga and exercise course: 

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