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July 22, 2019


Isabelle from Quilpie Accidental Home HypnoBirth


I woke at 2 am to use the toilet and noticed I had lost my uterine seal. Thinking nothing of it I went back to bed. I was getting cramps in my back within 30 mins. My waters broke at 3 am and surges started to heat up at 3:30 am. At this stage I vomited which woke my husband up. I thought as I was having so much back discomfort that my baby was in OP position and in my mind I had to swing that baby into a better position …. So I was on all fours in the lounge room attempting to breathe though my surges. Around 5:30-6am I started to become more uncomfortable due to by back and decided the best place for me was in the shower. Things were defiantly starting to heat up now and I felt my body take over, between breathing I found some noise helped me release tension and relax. This woke my mother as she had been staying with us in the lead up to birthing day. She asked my husband to call my midwife. Later we discovered that she thought I wasn’t as far along as I was and decided to have a shower and get ready for the day before coming straight around….. from what my husband he tells me he called her another few times before she was walking through our door (she arrived with 30 mins to spare. She arrived and asked if I wanted to be checked or to get into the car and head to the hospital. I wasn’t keen of the thought of getting out of the shower so I wanted my midwife to check me. I remember saying please tell me I’m not hours away.  She didn’t even get to complete the VE as she realised bubs head was coming.  She asked my husband to call the ambulance as she didn’t have a deliver pack. Within minutes I was breathing my baby out, once bubs head and shoulders where delivered I was able to deliver the rest of my baby and pulled bub straight up onto my chest. In that moment my world changed and what I had accomplished was something I am still so proud of.  One of my birth preferences that I felt very strongly about was I wanted to discover my babies gender not have anyone tell me. But once I had my baby I completely forgot to even check, I was so captivated by everything that had just happened. It wasn’t until my midwife said so what did you have? I looked down at my baby and then up at my husband we had a little girl J

The ambulance arrived once we were comfortable on the bed as a family. They were wonderful friendly officers but couldn’t understand why we had called them. Once they realised it was an unplanned home birth and we didn’t have any equipment or deliver packs, they were more than happy to assist the midwife. I was able to have delayed cord clamping and a physiological 3rd stage and my placenta was delivered within 22mins.

Looking back and reflecting on the experience I wouldn’t have wanted anything to change. I felt supported and in control.    


Alix’s HypnoBirth at home on the Sunshine Coast

I went into labour about 6.30pm Sunday the 15th, and surges started to be about 10-15 minutes apart so I just excused myself from the table (mum was already here luckily) and went to watch a movie. After an hour of movie I couldn’t watch anymore and from that stage it all happened pretty quickly! Theodore Maxwell was born at 11.29pm that night in the caul, in a peaceful hypno-water-birth :) 10lb 8oz! Breathed him out. 


Caitlin from Goondiwindi. HypnoBirth at Goondiwindi Hospital


We welcomed Sonny William Onus on the 14th September at 40.2 weeks. 


It was such a great experience and I am confident that the Hypnobirthing principles definitely played a major role in the reason why. We probably weren't as strict as some and we cherry picked what we thought would get us through and it is exactly what we needed. 


Leading up to the birth I was able to visualise my ideal birth and I was happy and relaxed and confident (moreso after 37 weeks!) that baby would come when he/she was ready. This time around I was able to be more assertive (in a casual way, without being a bitch) with friends, family, strangers and even Geoff when we were nearing the guess date. I knew that baby still had plenty of time so I didn't take on board their nervous energy checking for any sign of labour or hinting at inducing. 


I think the most important lesson that hypnobirthing taught me was to listen to my body. 


The surges started mid morning and built up until they were fairly regular, around 5 minutes apart. I spoke to the Midwife on call but I was happy to stay at home as I didn't feel ready to go yet. Unfortunately Lauren was away so I was able to prepare myself to have another midwife at the birth. Around lunchtime I was hungry so I allowed myself to eat a light meal. After that I was feeling tired so I went for a lie down in the dark and listened to the rainbow relaxation and birth affirmations. At the point the surges dropped right off to 20-30 minutes apart. 


I was able to take this as a sign not that there was something wrong or I needed something to get me going again - that it was just that my body needed to rest. When I have told this story to friends they comment that it must have been frustrating but I was able to see the bigger picture and thought it was kind of a blessing. 


The surges continued through the afternoon at really irregular periods so we carried on as normal. Geoff even went to the footy presentation dinner and I had a girlfriend come over to watch a movie. I thought that maybe I would go to bed that night and the surges would come on stronger in the early hours. 


About 7:30pm the surges became very regular again! about 3-5 minutes apart. I spoke to Geoff and told him to come home. By the time he got home I could tell that my surges were different and getting strong so we went to the hospital. 


When we arrived the midwife asked to do an internal and I was able to decline and she was very understanding. I told her we were using Hypnobirthing and she read through our preferences and we were able to dim the lights. From there it all moved very quickly. My water broke on the third surge after we arrived and from there I moved up on the bed, holding onto the top of it on my knees as this is how I had visualised birthing. Not long after, I felt our baby move down. Geoff was amazing the whole time, helping me to focus on my breathing and speaking to another midwife that came in, (the first midwife had to check in on another lady next door - she was on a contract from Brisbane and this was her first night on call. She had three ladies giving birth that night). 


I was mostly left alone the whole time, the new midwife would check baby on the doppler and my pulse once or twice and she said to me to push whenever I wanted to. Not long after that my body had the urge to push and I worked really hard to breathe down, visualise the birth path and the 'j'. This was such a big help! I was able to birth baby's head totally under my control - I felt like a superstar. I still ended up being a bit vocal but Geoff said that I was amazing and much more in control than with Hugo's birth. They left me like this for two minutes and then decided that they needed to flip me and the rest of him came out easily and he went straight up on to my chest. This was the only 'intervention' as such but we were totally complicit. I only had a graze/1st degree tear and didn't need any stitches. I can also say that this method of  made such a difference to how my pelvic floor was post birth compared with my first birth. 


Although Sonny was a bit flat when he came out, the midwife rubbed him on the back for a couple of minutes and then he let out a beautiful cry. I was able to have a natural third stage, Sonny's cord was not cut until after I birthed the placenta about 10 or 15 minutes after birthing Sonny. We were also allowed to find out the sex for ourselves. The midwife attending was amazing and left us to have a beautiful time bonding with Sonny and only did check after an hour or so when we were ready. 8p10 / 3930g and 52cm long. 


All in all it was an incredible experience, a very healing birth. All of the circumstances lined up well, and the Goondiwindi Midwifery and Obstetricians are amazing but it was also very much down to the Hypnobirthing principles that I learned with you. 


Sonny was born at 9:37pm - around 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. I just find it incredible that by listening to my body, I was able to let it do the work, rest when needed and then it gave us a quick smooth birth when the time was right. 


Thanks again for sharing Hypnobirthing with us. I definitely recommend it to any Mother to be. 


Bree’s HypnoBirth at SCUH , Sunshine Coast University Hospital


It started on Thursday morning, the 27th September. (8 days over estimated date). The morning started as normal for me, beau went to work and I had a shower and some breakky. I had decided that I was going to do as much walking as I could to try and kick start things! But as I left the house at 8:45am, (whilst having a chat to the neighbour) I had a couple of surges, not thinking it was actually labor starting, I continued to do one lap of the block but then had to go home. I put on a movie to try and pass the time. Surges were about 10 mins apart for the first 45 mins then quickly progressed to be 3 minutes apart. 

I called beau at 10am and he said 'right, I'm on my way'. Our student midwife said it could be time! We decided to call the hospital who advised us to stay at home until I was getting stronger surges that lasted about a minute and was getting 4 in 10 minutes and to try and get some rest. 

Well rest seemed impossible so the rainbow relaxation and affirmations were quickly put on and some candles lit. I also had an essential oil mix of Clary Sage, peppermint, ylang ylang, and lavender and was rubbing that on my belly and smelling it between surges. Beau was silently timing my surges and it was only about 20mins after calling that he said 'that's it, we are going to the hospital!' 

I was hesitant knowing that it really hadn't been that long! But we thought we will go in and see what they say, fully expecting them to tell us to go home! 

It was about 12:45pm when we got into the hospital room to be checked. (I walked in, feeling good with my rainbow relaxation going on my headphones) We decided to get an internal check done as the midwife had said 'you may very well only be 1-2cm's dialated' and I knew I was 3cm's dialated 2 days before from my check up! Well she was very surprised to find that I was 7cm's dialated! 



Beau said to her that I was hoping for a water birth and she said 'wow we better get her in the room quickly then'. Beau quickly got onto my mum to tell her that she should definitely come down now!

I was in the bath by about 1:30 and it was the best feeling in the world! It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

I was just floating there smelling my oils inbetween surges. I had Beau by my side and he was just amazing! Holding my hand and keeping me calm and reminding me to breath, and to slow down my breathing when I was having a surge. He was actually a god scent! My mum was behind me, putting her cold hands on my forehead which felt amazing! 

It wasn't long until I could feel her bearing down! I got the urge to push more than I expected (probably because I wasn't doing birth breathing correctly!) She came out with her hand on her face so the midwife assisted her a little bit when it was time for her shoulders to come out but that was the only intervention we had! 

She was born at 3:01 pm, all natural water birth with no pain relief! Little miss Elsie Kate weighed in at 3.03kgs or 6.11 pounds. She went straight onto my chest and let out a cry almost before she got to me! We found out the sex ourselves too. 

Once out of the bath, she made her way to my breast for a feed and I then had a natural delivery of the placenta. 

Beau cut the cord and then he had some skin on skin time whilst I cleaned up! 


I ended up with a couple of stitches in my labia but nothing major! 


I had some high blood pressure issues during labor so they took some blood to test but she came out so quickly that they didn't really have time to do anything! I was closely monitored after birth though. 


Everything happened way quicker than I had imagined, and I was a bit more vocal than I thought I would be too! But I wouldn't change it for the world! We are absolutely loving being parents and could just watch our little princess all day long! She is simply perfect! 


I can't say I was a model student when it came to the breathing during surges or birthing! 

But the preparation and relaxation techniques were key for me. To be able to visualize my ideal birth and prepare myself mentally for the best outcome was the most powerful thing I could have done. What both Beau and I learnt from you at HypnoBirthing was very much put into practice both in the lead up and during birth and we are so glad we decided to do your classes! 


Thank you Alecia for everything!! We could not recommend you and HypnoBirthing and pregnancy yoga more highly!! 



Kayla’s HypnoBirth at SCUH, Sunshine Coast University Hospital

I’ve been meaning to email you since our birthing day back on Oct. 30th but of course, we’ve been deep in the baby bubble! Court headed back to work today, so we’ve had an incredible 3 weeks together getting to know our little boy, Otis Ray ️


We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your education and support with hypnobirthing. It really worked for us and I honestly don’t know how I would have gone without it! Court was by my side the whole time, I didn’t want him far, he was such an incredible support, keeping me hydrated, energised and encouraged always. It was a real partnership which was beautiful.


Labour slowed right down at the birthing phase as I later found out my sacrum is chronically misaligned and not moving fluidly (I’m working with an osteo now on this). So Otis was positioned funny in my cervix and it was an intense labour from the start, surges came with a lot of back strain. Despite this, we had a normal birth and I felt completely inward the whole time. Every once and a while something would distract me and I could easily recognise it and call myself back in - all thanks to our many conversations about little things that can interfere. I really felt nothing in the whole experience surprised me. That ‘burning’ sensation when Otis was about to be born had me so relieved and excited, and not fighting it all. You’re so right about how time just passes without knowing. 


So thank you for all your support! It’s so important what you are doing, I’ll be spreading the word from here


Morgan’s HypnoBirth at SCUH, Sunshine Coast University Hospital

I had the most incredible birth experience and I can honestly put that down to completing the hypnobirthing course. My labour was 5 hours and while I did let my head space get the better of me around half way through, I tried the gas which I hated and received a dose of morphine which calmed me right down and helped me proceed with the remainder of the birth. I breathed my son into this world over a 40 minute period and we were both perfectly healthy. Breathing him out meant I had no tearing and my recovery was really incredible. We were discharged 6 hours later and I was glad to be home so quickly after birth. I have been taking my placenta capsules and I have recovered physically and mentally very quickly. My energy levels have also been remarkable.


I went into labour in the early hours of the morning and had the room dark with tea light candles everywhere. My air diffuser was on with clary sage and lavender oil. I also had weightless by Marconi union playing the whole time. I wrote down affirmations and had them dispersed throughout the room. The midwives from the Midwifery Group Practice were absolute angels and I honestly don’t think my experience would have been as amazing as it was without them. They were so supportive, respectful and as present as I wanted them to be. 


I feel as though I have transitioned into motherhood relatively easy (so far) which is made so much easier as my son is the biggest chiller in the whole world. Hardly kicks up a fuss about anything and is just the easiest baby ever. Hopefully he stays that way, haha. The hardest part for me was breastfeeding. We struggles to get a proper latch and my nipples were in so much pain, I would be crying while feeding most of the time. With the help and support of my midwives, we managed to get on top of it around week 4. 


Thank you so much for all your help.


Introducing Zephyr, born 10/5/19 at 9:22am 8 pounds 2 oz. 



Cass’ HypnoBirth at SCUH, Sunshine Coast University Hospital


Our baby girl finally arrived Tuesday night!! 40+5 days (exactly the same as Eddie)

I had some intense period pains when I woke up Tuesday morning, then noticed my mucus plug came out. The pains came and went throughout the day, but by about 5:30-6pn the surges started coming every 10minutes. I just breathed through them quite easily, until one at about 6:45 was extremely intense, and the animal noises started, haha. It was then that we thought “ok, better get to hospital”. We got in the car & dropped Eddie off at my parents house on the way. I was listening to the rainbow relaxation track in the car, facing backwards & having surges really regularly. We arrived at emergency at about 7:45pm then wheeled to the birthing suite. By the time I got into the birthing suite my surges were back to back with no time in between. I had three surges on the ground, then one surge in the shower then I felt her head, so I just tried to breathe her down, one little push and she was out at 7:59pm!

I am still in awe of the whole experience and how different this was from our first induced labour with Eddie. I’m so thankful for the knowledge and tools I had to get through this birth with Isla! I did have a little tear, probably from that last push. So a couple of stitches, but all good. But overall the experience was incredible, and I couldn’t speak more highly of the hospital staff and midwives there! Of course my MGP midwife didn’t make it there in time, haha, but she still came and arrived while we were getting stitched up. We were home by 3am Wednesday morning :)

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I wanted to Thankyou for everything you taught us and for giving us the tools for an empowering birth!!


Carla’s VBAC HypnoBirth at Toowoomba Hospital with My Midwives

First a little background info:  In 2010 I gave birth to my first child.  At 2 weeks overdue I was induced and my labor was horrific.  I now almost 100% attribute this to the fact labor was artificially induced and unable to occur naturally.  In 2011 I fell pregnant with my second child.  When I was just 8 weeks pregnant my partner tragically passed away in our home during an epileptic seizure, just 2 weeks after finding out we had conceived again after a heartbreaking miscarriage.  Remembering well how traumatic my first birth had been I did not believe I would cope with going through all that again without my loving partner by my side.  I made a decision I would spend the rest of my life wishing I could take back- I opted for an elective caesarean.


Fast forward to 2014- I gave birth to my first daughter after several more devastating miscarriages TTC.  Early in the pregnancy my fiancée, Pete and I discovered a place that we now view as “The Gold Standard” in prenatal and postnatal care- My Midwives.  I cannot speak highly enough of My Midwives and the pivotal role they played in our pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.  Our chosen midwife was Rebecca Denny and she will always be a very loved woman in our household.  Our student was Alice who is now a fully qualified midwife practicing at My Midwives Toowoomba.  She too, was to play a very important role in our daughter’s birth and we love Alice to pieces!


My birthing time fell less than 2 years since my caesarean (1 year and 11 months to be exact- it was close!), which put me at a slightly higher risk of my caesarean scar rupturing during birth but even so, the chance of this actually happening is very, very miniscule.  Having both a vaginal birth recovery and caesarean recovery to compare, there was no way in hell I was going back on that operating table if there was any way I could avoid it!  Not only was the recovery tough but comparing my 2 babies, my first slept for 8 hours at a time from day dot, was breastfed exclusively for 5 months and was rarely sick.  My second, on the other hand never slept for more than 2 hours at a time round the clock in the first few months, was severely lactose intolerant, seemed to be forever sick and at just 3 months old, even spent a week in hospital on a feeding tube and oxygen, battling Bronchiolitis and Human Metapneumovirus.  It may just be a huge coincidence.  Maybe all these things would have been the same if I had of allowed him to be a spontaneous natural birth.  But maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t have been…... either way I knew exactly what I wanted and needed for many reasons for both myself and my baby- a VBAC and I was blessed to have Pete behind me and supporting me every step of the way.  I truly believe I could not have done it without him.


At our first appointment at My Midwives I picked up a brochure on something else I had never heard of until this pregnancy- Hypnobirthing!  It sounded amazing and I was intrigued by it!  We almost immediately decided it was something we wanted to do and we booked in for the private couple classes.  I was apprehensive at first.  I suffer with terrible anxiety and lacked confidence in myself to be able to do this but right from the start Pete embraced the concept wholeheartedly and believed in me and believed I was more than capable of achieving my VBAC Hypnobirth.  I read the book, we listened to and practiced the affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation every night as we were going to sleep, I hung the pictures and other handouts from our classes on our wardrobe so I could read and see them every day and Pete never missed a class.


The day before our baby girl was due to arrive she was showing absolutely no signs of coming.  Fear welled up in me.  Because of the caesarean scar they were not able to induce this birth if labor didn’t commence spontaneously.  This would result in the operating table again.  I had heard great things about natural acupuncture induction so made a booking with them for the following day.  We went to bed early that night but it wasn’t to be for long!  At 1am, I was awakened by what felt like period cramps.  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Having never experienced natural spontaneous labor, I thought there was a chance this may just be nothing.  After an hour or so I began timing and putting my hand on my tummy trying to feel if it was tightening.  I was sure they were uterine surges I was feeling but was still reluctant to call anyone just in case it was nothing!  By now Pete was awake asking who he should call to watch the boys.  I kept saying, “no, no, it may just be pre-labor warm-ups.  Let’s just wait a while and see what happens.”  By now the surges were getting stronger and closer- about 5 minutes apart.  I made a coffee and walked around the house breathing my way through the surges and finally at about 3am made the decision to call our midwife, Bec.  I described what was happening and she said, “Yes, I think you need to head in to hospital.  I’ve just got home from a birth and have to rest and go back soon but I will come up to the hospital with Karen (our backup midwife) and rest up there.”  Pete began calling family to find someone to look after my boys.  My mum who liv