After 6 yrs of teaching evening pregnancy yoga classes, I'm taking a break to focus on the maternity advocacy work I do, including work for the federal government. I'll be back next year for face-to-face classes. In the meantime, my online 4-week class has rave reviews and will ensure you can still join in with pregnancy yoga classes from the comfort of your own home.  Grab yourself a free pregnancy yoga handout below: 

Kirsten, tradeswoman + mum to 

"I see Alecia for pregnancy yoga and it’s the highlight of my week! It’s so much more than just Pregnancy friendly Yoga. The reason I started was for the stretching and aligning to help with a natural birth, but the reason I’m addicted is the immediate grounded, relaxed, calming and yet energised feeling during and after. Not to mention Alecia’s extensive knowledge on the female body, pregnancy and birthing, which she is constantly sharing and explaining throughout her classes. And she is always happy to answer any questions and share her knowledge. And bonus points for being extremely affordable and classes after hours for those mums to be not yet on maternity leave!!”

Sneak Peak at the Yoga for Birth 4-week course: 

Kate, Project Manager + mum of 2 
"“I took my first ever pregnancy yoga class with Alecia last night and I can honestly say it is the first night in months that I have been able to sleep through the night without my hips and back aching! Not one twinge all night long - just amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Can't wait for my next class!””


Yoga for Birth 4-week course includes:

- balance and alignment for creating space for baby

- optimal position of baby

- breathing and meditations to help with fears, pain and length of labour

- yoga asanas (poses) for balance in pregnancy and positions for birth

- hormones of birth and how to help optimize them

Cost: $19

Includes weekly videos, yoga sequences, email support and handouts. 

Studies of pregnancy specific yoga classes recorded women having a higher rate of vaginal birth, fewer pre-term births, less fears about labour and birth and less stress hormone levels. 

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Alecia Staines

  Pregnancy or prenatal Yoga allows you to find balance energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally, through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, mindfulness. 

You'll learn about pelvic anatomy, alignment, positions for birth, optimal fetal position, your birth hormones and how the various limbs of yoga can compliment and assist you on birthing day. 

Yoga is a wonderful antenatal education, the perfect union of mind, body and baby.

You'll be well prepared for labour and birth with the range of yogic techniques. 


Is there a "style" of Pregnancy Yoga?

My classes are unique- slow flow- a blend of Hatha (stand alone postures) and Vinyasa (flow), combined with a fusion of childbirth education.  Poses are generally held for longer periods, with the slower and fewer transitions. It is suitable for any level of experience and any gestation. Namaste. 

Do I need previous experience? 

Absolutely not! I am explicit with my instructions, so no matter your level of yoga experience, you'll find wonderful relaxation and benefit from the gentle classes. 

I am terrible with online classes, how to I make sure I remember to do it? 

I have set up the course so you have bi-weekly emails with content drops, links back to the course and you can download the free Kajabi app from your Apple or Google  store on your phone, which makes logging in easier than ever. I have completed several courses on Kajabi as a student and find it a superb way to learn. 

Alecia Staines
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About me:

I'm a Yoga Teacher with Pre and Postnatal Yoga experience, along with being a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have combined my yogic, anatomy and physiology knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Spinning Babies and Dr Sarah Buckley's training on the hormones of birth to create a yoga course that will ensure you're physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for a positive birthing day. 

I've used yoga to prepare for my own births and as a mother-of-5, I have plenty of birthing experience.