4- week course

focused on physical and mental preparation for birth


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  Pregnancy or prenatal Yoga allows you to find balance energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally, through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, mindfulness. 

You'll learn about pelvic anatomy, alignment, positions for birth, optimal fetal position, your birth hormones and how the various limbs of yoga can compliment and assist you on birthing day. 

Yoga is a wonderful antenatal education, the perfect union of mind, body and baby.

You'll be well prepared for labour and birth with the range of yogic techniques. 

Alecia Staines

Is there a "style" of Pregnancy Yoga?

My classes are unique- slow flow- a blend of Hatha (stand alone postures) and Vinyasa (flow), combined with a fusion of childbirth education.  Poses are generally held for longer periods, with the slower and fewer transitions. It is suitable for any level of experience and any gestation. Namaste. 



4-week terms for 2021 | $80

next term begins 5th July

at Coast Life Midwifery, Maroochdyore

6.15pm-7.30pm face-to-face. Zoom available for Live online sessions ($14)

Alecia Staines
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Can't make face-to-face classes because of work, living rurally/remotely or class times don't suit? I've created a 4-week Yoga for Birth antenatal course, covering topics such as:

- balance and alignment for creating space for baby

- optimal position of baby

- breathing and meditations to help with fears, pain and length of labour

- yoga asanas (poses) for balance in pregnancy and positions for birth

- hormones of birth and how to help optimize them

Cost: $59

Includes weekly videos, yoga sequences, email support and handouts. 

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